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  • I Turn to Prayer: This book is a collection of affirmative prayers and prayer poems written by Tracy Brown, RScP based on common topics people have asked her to pray about.
  • Reclaim Joy! A Journal to Help You Record, Recall and Remember to Celebrate the Joy in Your Life.
  • Reveal Joy! A Journal to Help You Notice - and Nurture - Your Natural State of Joy


Tracy Brown is a Licensed Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living and is the current Chair for of that organization's governing body: The Leadership Council. She is also the most recent recipient of the Ernest Holmes Award.

Introduced to Science of Mind by Dr. Donald Curtis in 1986, Tracy has used universal spiritual principles to infuse her life with peace and joy for more than 30 years. Her personal motto is “You Always Have a Choice.”

In her home community, Tracy is actively involved as a teacher and leader at CSLDallas. To serve beyond her local community, she has produced or hosted six spiritually focused podcasts, including: “Say Yes to Spirit” and “Spiritual Practices that Work.” Plus, she is the author of 11 books including “I Turn to Prayer” - a collection of prayers written in a variety of formats.